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Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer science, Ecology, Geography, Geology, Linguistics, Microbiology, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Zoology, Observation, Hypothesis, Prediction, Experiment, Evaluation, and more ebooks on the Science topic.

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Tags: Differential Equations  Mathematical Modeling  Mathematics  Probability  Technology  Zombies 

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Mathematical Modelling of Zombies - Robert Smith?

Seeds: 91
Peers: 3
Completed Downloads: 552
File Size: 12.01 MBs

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Tags: Engineering 

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Eight Amazing Engineering Stories - Bill Hammack, Patrick Ryan, Nick Ziech

Seeds: 31
Peers: 4
Completed Downloads: 672
File Size: 3.69 MBs

E book under: Science Ebooks 
Tags: Mathematics 

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The Math and Myth of Coincidence - Joseph Mazur

Seeds: 91
Peers: 4
Completed Downloads: 875
File Size: 1.59 MBs

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Tags: Alexopolous  Mycology 

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Laboratory Manual for Introductory Mycology - C J Alexopolous

Seeds: 87
Peers: 0
Completed Downloads: 493
File Size: 11.63 MBs

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Tags: Scans  Science 

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My 4 Old Books - Various

Seeds: 94
Peers: 3
Completed Downloads: 911
File Size: 21.19 MBs

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