From Ore to Steel (5th Ed) - Mathias Maria Friedrich Toussaint
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From Ore to Steel (5th Ed) - Mathias Maria Friedrich Toussaint

Written by Mathias Maria Friedrich Toussaint
Edition: 5th
Format(s): PDF
Language: English

From Ore to Steel: The Pictorial Story of Iron and its Conversion to Steel (5th Ed)
By Mathias Maria Friedrich Toussaint
Verlag Stahleisen | 1962 | ISBN: N/A | 176 pages | PDF | 14.3 mb
scanned to PDF by me.

It is not in vain that we live in the Age of Iron which, at the same time, is an Age of Iron Culture. The layman is almost bound to reflect on what iron actually is, and how it is extracted. Iron touches his life a hundred times a day. Apart from the things he uses which are actually made from this metal, and which would take volumes merely to enumerate, thousands of products are made with the help of iron and steel in the form of ma-chines. In fact, everyone from the schoolboy to the housewife should know the way in which we are provided with the iron commodities of our everyday use.
"From Ore to Steel" has been written for all those who have little, or no knowledge of the manufacture of iron and steel, but who are eager to gain some general knov/ledge without getting involved in too much detail. For this reason, the descriptions given are as brief as possible. It is not intended to impart more than a general survey of the subject, unnecessary detail which would merely blur the view of the uninitiated has been omitted. To provide the reader with a clear impression of the various types of blast furnace plants, steelworks and rolling mills with their widely diversified auxiliaries, the book has been amply illustrated.

- The Place of Iron and Steel in the World Economy . !)
- What is Iron? — What is Steel? 12
- History of the lron and Steel lndustry 17
- The Production of Iron
Iron ores 26
How ore is mined and conveyed 27
From mine to blast lurnace i !
Treatment of ore prior to smelting
Lime 40
Coke, grid gas and coal by-products . 41
The furnace blast 4!)
The blast furnace 52
The charging facilities 58
Blast furnace gas cleaning .... 59
Operation of the furnace ''1
Blast furnace by-products 65
Other pig iron production processes f>'>
The iron foundry 71
- The Manufacture of Steel
Steelmakjng processes 78
The basic Bessemer steelworks 80
The acid Bessemer steelworks
The LD process and other oxygen-blown steelmaking processes 86
The open-hearth steelworks 94
Slags as by-products in the steelworks 99
Electric steelmaking and refining 100
Vacuum casting 104
Continuous casting of steel 106
Dust extraction from waste gases arising in the steelworks 108
The steel foundry 110
Auxiliary steelworks facilities 112
- Steel Finishing Processes
Shaping by hammering and pressing 115
Shaping by rolling 119
The blooming mill 120
The medium and heavy-plate mill 124
The sheet mill '25
The wide strip mill 128
Narrow and medium strip mills
The semi-finishing mill
Section mills and wire rod mills 138
Tyre and wheel rolling mills 14.!
The production of tubes 144
- The Iron and Steel Works's Heat and Power Economy 159
- SteelEverywhere 162

This is a very old book belonging to my father. Its condition is not too good, so I decided to digitize it. I have scanned iy with OCR, bookmarks & cover. Amazon only lists the 4th Ed, whereas this is the 5th one.

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