Nazi Sniper - Salem Kapsaski
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Nazi Sniper - Salem Kapsaski

Written by Salem Kapsaski
Edition: 1rst
Format(s): PDF
Language: English

"Nazi Sniper" is set in the spring of 1972 in post war Bavaria. Germany is still in a critical state of healing. The Baader-Meinhof Group is at their height and preparations have begun for the Summer Olympics in Munich which are just months away. Commissar Joachim Adler is investigating a series of brutal attacks aimed at Greek and Turkish foreign workers in the Upper Bavarian region. An unknown maniac has already claimed the lives of three people and is bound to strike again at any given time. The man responsible for the attacks is Ludwig Krantz, a former Nazi and guard of the Chelmno Extermination Camp, where he drove a gas van - a gas chamber on wheels. Ludwig lives under a fake identity together with his 18 year old son Joseph, who suffers from schizophrenia. Ludwig is slowly turning blind and depends more and more on his son to be his eyes. Sickened by the current political state in Germany and rise in immigration Krantz has begun a bloody vendetta, roaming the nights for his next victims.

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2 Responses to “Nazi Sniper - Salem Kapsaski”

  1. #1 Hitler Says:

    Another book full of lies about our Aryan great nation. Gas that Jew!

  2. #2 Andreas Baader Says:

    Great reading for prison. Needs more violence.

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