Red Queen: The Substrate Wars 1 - Jeb Kinnison
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The Substrate Wars 1 - Jeb Kinnison

Written by Jeb Kinnison
Format(s): EPUB
Language: English

RED QUEEN is a science fiction thriller set in the US of a not-too-distant future, when the Bill of Rights is ignored and the US is run by the Unity Party, combining the worst of Democrats and Republicans.

Red Queen is a story about young people searching for freedom and agency in a world dominated by bureaucrats, administrators, and propagandists. The world of Red Queen is a police state with its roots in today's events: post-9/11 warrantless physical and electronic surveillance; the erosion of personal liberties for supposed security reasons, even when the government's actions are shown to be ineffective or wrongheaded; and the rise of a penal-industrial complex that imprisons one in three black men, often for victimless crimes. When the next terrorist action occurs, there may be calls for even more restrictions on freedom and privacy. That's where Red Queen begins.

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Comment:Science Fiction Thriller: campus rebels invent quantum gateways and take on the US government.
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