The Lewis Chessmen - David Caldwell
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The Lewis Chessmen - David Caldwell

Written by David Caldwell
Edition: 2011
Format(s): PDF
Language: English

The most famous chess set in the world... here is a new and vibrant perspective on the chess pieces that were also brought to life in the first Harry Potter movie. There is mystery and intrigue surrounding these whimsical but "true to life" and emotive sculptures of kings, queens, bishops, wardens and the panoply of players. Purportedly made in Scandinavia in the 12th century -- of walrus tusks and whale teeth - they have become iconic examples of our lasting love of chess. Their origins, however, is one of theory and controversy. This book has new research from the National Museums of Scotland on their craftsmanship, origins and historical context. The chessmen are the subject of a blockbuster exhibition at the Metropolitan's Cloisters Museum through April, 2012.

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